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Footy Tipping


Welcome to the 2017 Centre State Exports Footy tipping Competition!!

If you have not been part of the Centre State Tipping Competition in previous years you will need to register, please use the registration link below:

Individual Competition Registration

Sporting Team Competition Registration


If you have been involved in the Centre State Tipping Competition in previous years you can log straight in using your old username and password, please find the login link below:

Individual Competition Login password recovery

Sporting Team Competition Login password recovery


 1st Prize Individual: Choice of either a trip for 3 nights Holiday on the Gold Coast or 3 nights on the Murray River on a 10 berth Houseboat.  

2nd Prize Individual: 2 nights at a SA seaside Holiday House.  

3rd Prize Individual: 4 tickets to a Home Finals in 2016 or tickets to a Crows or Port game next season.



1st Prize Sporting Club: $2000 sponsorship over 2 years. 

2nd Prize Sporting Club: $1000 sponsorship over 2 years. 

3rd Prize Sporting Club: $500 sponsorship.

Top Sporting Clubs

Rank Name (last round score)
Ranking 1 Correct: 128/189 Nairne Bremer United(7)
Ranking 2 Correct: 123/189 Kybybolite Football Club(6)
Ranking 3 Correct: 122/189 Border Downs Tintinara FC(7), Bute Football Club(6)
Ranking 4 Correct: 121/189 Burra Boob Hallett Football Club ( BBH)(7), Central Yorke Cougars Netball Club(6), Clare Squash Club(6), Kalkee Tennis Club(7)
Ranking 5 Correct: 120/189 Maitland Rifle Club(7), Tumby Bay(6), Yacka Golf Club(7)
Ranking 6 Correct: 119/189 Blyth-Snowtown Football Club(6), Booleroo Melrose Wilmington FC(7), Southern Eagles Netball Club(6)
Ranking 7 Correct: 118/189 Broughton Mundoora Netball Club(6), Eyre United Football Club(7), Southern Eyre South CC(6), Spalding/Booborowie cricket club(6)
Ranking 8 Correct: 117/189 Bute Golf Club(5), Cummins Cricket Club(6), Curramulka Tennis(7), Stansbury Cricket Club(6)
Ranking 9 Correct: 116/189 Maitland Tennis Club(7), Paskeville Tennis Club(8), Port Broughton Golf Club(4)
Ranking 10 Correct: 115/189 Kapunda Basketball Club(5), Serviceton Tennis Club(7), Yorkes Junior Surf Club(6)
Ranking 11 Correct: 114/189 Kapunda Tennis Club(5), Saddleworth Golf Club(7), Spalding Tennis Club(5), Yorketown Table Tennis Club(8)
Ranking 12 Correct: 113/189 Arthurton Tennis Club(5), Brinkworth Bowling club(5), Freeling Fliers Basketball Club(5), Jamestown Golf Club(6), Mundulla Footy Club(6)
Ranking 13 Correct: 112/189 Bute Basketball Club(6), Mintaro Manoora FC(4), Morchard Tennis Club(7), Port Victoria Basketball Club(5), Southern Eagles Football Club(5)
Ranking 14 Correct: 111/189 Lameroo Golf Club(3), Winulta Tennis Club(6)
Ranking 15 Correct: 110/189 Arthurton Bowling Club(6), John Wesley Tennis Club(7), Port Victoria Bowling Club(5)
Ranking 16 Correct: 109/189 Bute Tennis Club(6), Keith Golf Club(7)
Ranking 17 Correct: 108/189 Cummins Kapinnie Football Club(7), Kapunda Bombers(7), United Football Club - APFL(6)
Ranking 18 Correct: 106/189 Georgetown Memorial Tennis Club(6)
Ranking 19 Correct: 104/189 Eudunda Robertstown Football Club(6), Peake Footy Club(6), Weetulta Cricket Club(6)
Ranking 20 Correct: 103/189 Jamestown/Peterborough Football Club(5), Rambler netball club (5)
Ranking 21 Correct: 102/189 Ports FC(5)
Ranking 22 Correct: 101/189 Crystal Brook Cricket Club(5), Netherton tennis club(5)
Ranking 23 Correct: 100/189 BSR Tigers - Netball(5), Jamestown Bowls(5), Kadina Football Club(5), Meningie Football Club(5)
Ranking 24 Correct: 93/189 Mallala Magpies(5), Orroroo Football Club(5)
Ranking 25 Correct: 92/189 CMS Crows Football Club(5)
Ranking 26 Correct: 89/189 Jamestown/Peterborough Netball Club(5)
Ranking 27 Correct: 88/189 Hummocks Watchman Eagles FC(5)
Ranking 28 Correct: 87/189 Caltowie Bowls Club(5), Owen Golf Club(5)
Ranking 29 Correct: 85/189 Cunliffe Tennis Club(5)
Ranking 30 Correct: 81/189 Freeling Netball Club(5), Ungarra Gun Club(5)
Ranking 31 Correct: 79/189 Blyth Snowtown Netball(5), Border Districts Football Club(5), Border Districts Netball Club(5), Broughton Mundoora FC(5), Bute Netball club (5), Central Yorke Cougars Football Club(5), Cummins Rambler FC(5), Gilbert Valley Cricket Club(5), Honiton Cricket Club(5), Kadina Golf(5), Kadina Netball Club(5), Kaniva-Leeor Football Club(5), Keith Football Club(5), Loxton Hockey club U 18 Women(5), Maitland Golf Club(5), Mannum Football Club(5), n/a(5), Paskeville Football Club(5), Paskeville Netball Club(5), Port Broughton Golf Club(5), Woods Tennis Team(5)
Ranking 32 Correct: 77/189 Cummins Ramblers Netball Club (5), Western Districts Tigers(5)
Ranking 33 Correct: 76/189 Maitland cricket club(5)